CV Checklist:

Once you've created a CV you can use the following checklist.

Place an X next to each of the following characteristics that your CV has. Make adjustments to your CV as needed.

Content of my CV

   My CV contains only the information which is relevant to the job for which I am applying.

   Each element of my CV serves to increase my chances of getting a job interview.

   If requested by the employer in the job offer, my CV includes a passport photo which is a businesslike photo.
Tip: for certain jobs, it may be a good idea to include a photo even when not explicitly requested by the employer in the job offer (for example: salesperson).


Style of my CV

   My CV is no longer than 2 pages in length.

   Only positive words are used in my CV (avoid ‘did not pass training course’).

   My CV contains clearly defined sections (such as education, work experience, etc.).

   My CV is well-organised: enough space is provided to separate the different sections.

   My CV contains no grammatical errors or unusual abbreviations.

   My CV contains mainly short and ‘active’ sentences.

   My CV is easy to read. My CV is drawn up according to capitalisation and punctuation rules.

   My CV uses a standard, professional-looking font (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.). I only handwrite my CV if requested to do so by the employer in the job offer.

   My CV stands out but doesn’t go overboard. My CV matches my personality.


   My CV has been proofread by someone else.

   I am sending my CV to the employer along with a covering letter.