Additional Tips?

This page contains some additional tips for applying for a job

General tips

  • Do not list qualities or characteristics in your CV that you do not possess. In the interview, the employer will ask you to provide more details on a number of items.
  • Use your CV as a guide when writing a covering letter or when filling in a job application form.
  • Pass your CV along to friends and acquaintances. They can in turn pass it on to interested employers.
  •  Take a copy of your CV with you to the interview, along with a copy of your covering letter and the job offer.

Applying for a job by email 

  • Use a neutral-sounding email address, such as: ‘’ does not come across as very professional!
  • In the subject line, clearly state the job you are applying for, as well any number referenced in the job offer.
  • In the body of the email, specify the position within the company for which you are applying and reference the attached CV and covering letter. Also, clearly state your name.
  • Be sure to use a formal writing style in your email. No smiley faces or abbreviations!
  • Include your CV as an attachment when sending the email. Give this document a straightforward name, such as ‘CV Jos Schepers’.
  • Never send the same email to more than one company. Send a different email to each company.
  • BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) yourself so that you can check that everything was properly sent and received.
  • Regularly check your email so that you are in a position to respond quickly when an employer sends you an email.
  • When responding to an email, make sure that your initial email (the original message) is still included at the bottom of your email and that the subject line still applies. This way the employer will know immediately what the email is about.