You have now written a covering letter. Place an X next to each of the following characteristics that your letter has. Make adjustments to your letter as needed.

Content of my letter

  • In my letter, I take an original approach towards convincing the employer that I am ‘made’ for the job.

  • In my letter, I write why I am interested in the job (not: ‘I saw your job offer and it looked interesting to me’).

  • My letter contains only the information which is relevant to the job for which I am applying.

  • My letter makes mention of my accomplishments and qualities. I make no mention of my weak points and failures.

  • I make no demands (such as salary requirements) in my letter.

 Style of my letter

  • My letter is no more than 1 page in length.

  • The content of my letter is nicely distributed over the length of the page. I make use of extra blank lines between the various sections of my letter where necessary.

  • My letter follows capitalisation and punctuation rules.

  • My letter is succinct, straightforward and businesslike, but exudes a clear personal style as well. The letter matches my personality.

  • My letter consists of brief sentences. I use a new sentence for each new idea.

  • I avoid grammatical errors or unusual abbreviations.

  • My letter contains ‘active’ sentences, such as ‘I worked as’, not ‘I was employed as …’.

  • My letter uses a standard, professional-looking font (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.). I only handwrite my letter if requested to do so by the employer in the job offer.

  • My letter looks clean and sharp.

  •  The layout and style of the letter and the CV are consistent with each other.


  • My letter has been proofread by someone else.

  • I am sending my letter to the employer along with my CV.