• Be yourself: don’t try to fool either yourself or your future employer. Do not include any qualities or characteristics in your letter that you do not possess.

  • Always keep a copy of your letter and take it with you to the job interview, along with a copy of the job offer and your CV. That way you can go back and see exactly what you wrote to the employer.

Applying for a job by email

  • Use a neutral-sounding email address, such as: ‘’ does not come across as very professional!

  • In the subject line, clearly state the job you are applying for, as well as any number referenced in the job offer. 

  • In the body of the email, specify the position within the company for which you are applying and reference the attached CV and covering letter. Also, clearly state your name. Below you will find a number of sentences you can use for inspiration when writing the introduction, the middle and the conclusion of your email message.

  • Be sure to use a formal writing style in your email. No smiley faces or abbreviations!

  • Include your letter as an attachment when sending the email. Give this document a straightforward name, such as ‘Covering letter Jos Schepers’.

  •  Never send the same letter to more than one company. Send a different email to each company.

  • BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) yourself so that you can make sure that everything was properly sent and received.

  • Regularly check your email so that you are in a position to respond quickly when an employer sends you an email.

  • When responding to an email, make sure that your initial email (the original message) is still included at the bottom of your email and that the subject line still applies. This way the employer will know immediately what the email is about.

A number of sample sentences that can provide you with inspiration when writing an email message:

Introduction when applying for a job:

  • I found the job offer for xxx on the (VDAB)  website and was immediately interested. I would like to apply for this job.

  • While reading the xxx, your job offer seeking motivated applicants for xxx caught my eye. I would like to apply for this job, as I am very interested in this position.

  • Your job offer indicates that the position offers a great deal of variety. I have a flexible attitude and I work well under pressure.

Introduction when applying for a job:

  • I would like to introduce myself by means of the attached curriculum vitae and covering letter.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to submit my application for the position of xxx.

  • Allow me to introduce myself…

  • Earlier today I was informed by Mr xxx about an opening for xxx in your organisation. I would like to submit an application for this position.

Middle of the email message:

  • I am currently training to become a xxx at the VDAB in xxx. In addition to having knowledge of xxx, I am also familiar with xxx.

  • My skill set includes taking the initiative, technical aptitude and perseverance. For more information, I would refer you to my covering letter and curriculum vitae, which are attached.

  • With a thorough knowledge of xxx, combined with technical aptitude and perseverance, I am able to successfully carry through on the duties assigned to me.

  • The prospect of working in a ‘dynamic’ enterprise such as xxx definitely interests me.

  • The education I have received closely matches the job responsibilities you describe, which sound highly engaging.

  • A customer-friendly attitude, meticulousness, resilience under pressure and perseverance: these are the qualities which best describe my character.

Conclusion of the email message:

  •  I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my interest in this position in person.

  • I am very interested in this opportunity and would be happy to schedule an interview in which to further discuss this position.

  • I would of course be happy to further demonstrate my enthusiasm and motivation for this position in a personal interview.

  • Should you be interested in learning more about me, I would be happy to provide you with more information in the course of a personal interview.

  • Are you willing to give my application further consideration? If so, I would be willing to come by for a personal interview in order to tell you more about myself.